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AAM Commerce provides much more than car rental. Each costumer receives individual personalized attention and gets the exact booked rented car, within the arrival area of the airport, which allows avoid wasting time, waiting lines, treadmills, monorail or any other transfer procedures, making it more convenient for customers. We are the first car rental in the United States of America to sell chips to cellphones, data, and shopping items together with their rented car luggage care, which is ideal for costumers going on a cruise with necessary luggage.



Hours of operation

1955NE 147Th Lane, North Miami, FL 33181

Monday-Friday: 09:00 am - 06:00 pm
Saturday: 09:00 am - 12:00 pm

Customer Service

+1 786 510-5774

Miami (USA)
+1 786 510-5774

Belo Horizonte (BR)
+55 31 2626-8090

São Paulo (BR)
+55 11 3136-0612

Curitiba (BR)
+55 41 2626-4123

Campinas (BR)
+55 19 4062-0225

Brasília (BR)
+55 61 2626-2764

Rio de Janeiro (BR)
+55 21 3005-9093

Goiânia (BR)
+55 62 3181-0101

Salvador (BR)
+55 71 2626-1523

Recife (BR)
+55 81 2626-1206